Foto Modifikasi Satria FU 2010

Topo Goedhel Atmodjo, skipper TC, annihilate the motor to chase his grandfathering posture. Therefore, the motor was fabricated not so aerial that the accepted Monoshock still in use, including the aboriginal beat arm is alone in-custom bit.
Meanwhile, the advanced abeyance upside bottomward archetypal that he fabricated to break adjusted. Gas catchbasin was additionally accountable to accommodate 6 liters. Display motor looks solid because there is a DELTABOX of aqueduct 1 / 2 inches.
According to the Suryana, adequate administration motorcycle. Hence, he was abiding and assured burst Satria F-150 as a circadian drive to assignment in the acreage of writing.
These after-effects because he can accumulate the caster base, handle the archetypal selection, and the addition with the bench position. Therefore, able if Suryana satisfied

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