Racing Yamaha Cup Number One Style

Racing Yamaha Cup Number One Style
News Racing Yamaha Cup Number One Style

Saturday afternoon, the arena was buzzing Kemayoran tight race. Hundreds of spectators and racers attended the event "Yamaha Cup Race 2010", as well as show off the action racing fans of motor racing.

In addition to the main race arena, tenant or exhibition booths also become attractive targets for the visit. One booth that attracted bikers of "TDR Racing", a provider of quality spare parts for various types of motors. Various supporting equipment and horse riders are available in full in this booth, in between, for YSS shock absorbers, exhaust TDR and other products that are complete can be listened to on the official site www.tdr-racing.com. As an attraction, in front of a motor attached TDR stand naked. The motor hobbyist also curious to know the contents and products used motor without the cap body.

Among the users are fanatical TDR Jarwanto Wawa. Men from Ampel, this Boyolali had come to Jakarta to mempertontokan skill motorhome with TDR products.

"I was difficult to switch to another brand, because it already like TDR brands whose quality is tested. For example, Shockbreaker YSS who remain comfortable to wear while less good highway aka hollow. Hentakanya not rough but gentle, "said Henry.

Day-to-day work as a breeder and seller of beef, Henry keeping hobby bermotornya by following the number of specialist free style in various local competitions. "I have a target can join a similar competition in the international class," said 22-year man

Then, during the hot nan, Wawan iron horse show attractions. Round and round with her beloved Yamaha Byson 2009, and then suddenly lift the front wheel with tilt extreme. Not satisfied there, Henry was also shown driving a motor skill by standing on the handlebars. Each scene agility invite click amazed and applause formations.

"Skills are necessary, but the quality of the tools I use are also very supporting. TDR is no opponent, "said Tembong, close calls this friendly guy.

Overview of TDR

TDR Racing International is a brand that issued superior products, both for racing and upgrade replacement for the standard product (OEM). The use of high quality material development in industrial technology and design improvements make the TDR Racing as the primary choice of motorcycle users.

TDR Racing has proven to be used in all layers of society in various parts of the world from Asia to Europe, Indonesia West to East Indonesia.

With the spirit of research and development, TDR Racing continues to create innovative superior products that have high performance. Present in Indonesia to complement the needs of motorists entering the era of "high performance"is.

TDR Racing For Your Motorcycle High Performance!

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