Modif Star Kawasaki Ninja Style

Modif Star Kawasaki Ninja Style

Modif Star Prestise Motor Orisinil Style

Kawasaki Ninja - radical modification of neat and steady for Operations.

"It looks expensive bgt, whereas if dibandingin we will be more than Japan should modif motor, lots modif frenzy that cost exceeds the price of April. but cuman doang models are all there in April or Mito.Upside down, gedhe tires, etc.. "- by Girifumi

Create enthusiast modif possible assumption may be a bit much bro Girifumi can make them mengerinyitkan forehead. But for most of the bikers, especially for bikers who think economically and bikers who gave priority to originality factor may be the assumption bro Girifumi so is appropriate.

Cost Factor

An example is the owner of Honda Tiger Revo (nyari safe mode-on), regardless of the cost of the average motorcycle owner modification goal was not far from the model NSR SP, Aprilia or Cagiva Mito. Even if they are outside the grip is probably minor modification by replacing the foot of the front legs become upside down, the rear suspension to be monshock to buy parts parts like the gas tank and rear panel. Finally, after the modification with no small cost be a Tiger Revo motor that little resembles the Aprilia or SP with anomalies here and there. The most severe is a modified radical la-saving package, intended to make cost savings, it is the extravagance and waste of time. Why is that? Many instances where the cost of modifications to the motor even more expensive than the cost of buying motor "original" which it has been modified, is it even results have become strange.

Originality factor

This is probably the most controversial paragraphs have ever posted in INDOBIKERS. There is a question that is quite intriguing. Whether the costumes Barcelona numbered 14 you are already a Thierry Henry? Of course not, but certainly you have expressed to anyone, especially to someone who sees you that you are a fan or at least sympathizers of the former king of Arsenal. Bahakan if Thierry Henry is the "original" view so you certainly will smile with you. But by installing the fairing Yamaha R1 on the Tiger Revo you, and you happen to encounter a real Yamaha R1 exact situation will vary. It may not happen at a glance what the rider what it's actually just going to be confused with R1 bike you drive, bahakan scorn is often the one who came out in the mind of the driver R1 "original" is. Besides, whether by using the R1 fairing you may be necessarily anggot R1 club? Unfortunately it will not happen but certainly you will lose the identity of the motor itself.

Creativity without limits

Modifying the motor is the development of creativity without boundaries. But the purpose of modifying the original should be purely an idea, do not imitate or copy an existing moge, let alone trace CBU motor sport that costs nothing (the price is almost the same-red) than the price of your own bike. What is clear is radically modified motor is generally less suitable for daily use. Because as any in conditions most worthy standarlah motor used for the daily Operations. If still want to modify the bike but with the condition should be used as a vehicle oprasional steady daily, the most appropriate option is to modify light. Changing tires, Veld handlebar and front sockbreaker or change their color and striping pattern into the most appropriate choice. Good luck!

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