Modif Star Vip Style

Modif Star Vip Style

Modif Star Vip Style

From the name motobikers been able to guess, what it is VIP Style? Clearly not just any modif. If ordered from the origin of his knowledge, this genre grew out of the country where the movie Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift held.

Motobikers who ever watch this movie, certainly complimented the style of Japanese cars are fast, but very well maintained, casual and modern. Such was the picture of the flow of VIP Style to put forward the luxury of driving.

This flow is very selective in choosing colors blend, only the colors that showed the impression of "luxury"can be selected as Silver, gold, beige, brown and maroon. To add to the impression of "lux" and clean, the choice of chrome on the legs of a compulsory menu.

The next target of a fairly wide selection of rims, tires with alloy that gives the impression of a thin and flat, but still safe and functional for the ride. Anyway, this flow is very metro sexual and really liked the cleanliness of horse.

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